LEXANA Training

(launching Easter 2019)

Inset & Workshops for Educators


Here you will find information about contemporary and innovative Music/Information Technology INSET & WORKSHOPS

Topics include: Jazz Up My Orchestra, Jazz Up My Choir, Using improvisation in the classroom, Utilising Sibelius Software, All things CUBASE, Internet Safety for Pupils and Parents, Integrating Music IT in the classroom, getting the most from GarageBand, Using the Cloud and other free resources, Top tips for all things Social Media.

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Contact FAQs




Q. How do we book a workshop?
A. Arrangements are arranged/discussed via email and 'phone
Q. How do we pay?
A. Payment is made on the day via direct banking or cheque.
Q. Do you have references/DBS?
A. Yes, these details are all available upon request.
Q. Who runs the workshops/INSET?
A. AL Hodgson You can read about him here!


Q. How much does it cost?
A. Each session is bespoke so it all depends on your requirements. Best way ahead is to get in touch and have a chat!
Q. What standard do the intrumentalists need to be?
A. Minimum of ABRSM Grade 1
Q. What happens to the video you make during an intrumental/choral workshop?
A. It is available either on DVD or via a private upload on Youtube (only those with the link are able to view it)

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Thank you. Looking forward to you coming back again in March!

Name - L Howlett
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Awaiting feedback :)

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Great and simple advice. Many thanks.

Name - G Fairley
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Awaiting feedback :)

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07768 977800

Please call or email for further information.


Weybridge, UK
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